types.h File Reference

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#include <stdint.h>

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typedef uint32_t clock_t
 Used for system times in clock ticks or CLOCKS_PER_SEC. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_CLOCK_T.
typedef int clockid_t
 Used for clock ID type in the clock and timer functions. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_CLOCKID_T.
typedef int mode_t
 Used for some file attributes. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_MODE_T.
typedef int pid_t
 Used for process IDs and process group IDs. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PID_T.
typedef void * pthread_attr_t
 Used to identify a thread attribute object. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PTHREAD_ATTR_T.
typedef void * pthread_barrier_t
 Used to identify a barrier.
typedef void * pthread_barrierattr_t
 Used to define a barrier attributes object.
typedef void * pthread_cond_t
 Used for condition variables. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PTHREAD_COND_T.
typedef void * pthread_condattr_t
 Used to identify a condition attribute object. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PTHREAD_CONDATTR_T.
typedef void * pthread_mutex_t
 Used for mutexes. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PTHREAD_MUTEX_T.
typedef void * pthread_mutexattr_t
 Used to identify a mutex attribute object. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PTHREAD_MUTEXATTR_T.
typedef void * pthread_t
 Used to identify a thread. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_PTHREAD_T.
typedef int ssize_t
 Used for a count of bytes or an error indication. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_SSIZE_T.
typedef int64_t time_t
 Used for time in seconds. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_TIME_T.
typedef void * timer_t
 Used for timer ID returned by timer_create(). Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_TIMER_T.
typedef unsigned long useconds_t
 Used for time in microseconds. Enabled/disabled by posixconfigENABLE_USECONDS_T.

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